30 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Who is this TASEV? What does it do?

The association founded in 2008 in Gaziantep. Field of the activities are training, culture and youth. Our target groups are all people between 12-35.We have an old association building in city centre. Our centre is a cultural heritage because it is nearly 80 years old. It is a stone building and has got authentic atmosphere. There are a workshop room, an office room, a kitchen, a library and a garden. If you want more information about association, you can find some photos in www.tasevder.org

 We are working about art, training, youth , culture and inter cultural dialogue. We have been accredited as sending, hosting and coordinating organisation by Turkish National Agency. You can find us in The European database on EVS accredited organisations  with our reference number 2010-TR-97. We want to make aware of our youth potential about  European Union opportunities. To perform this, we carry out lots of activities under the umbrella of our association. Our target groups are young people who have social,educational  and economic disadventages. We provide English, Math, Dance, Art courses, information  meetings and similar activities for them. While implementing these activities we cooperate with  some other non-governmental associations and some public bodies such as Governorship, Municipality and National Education Directorate


-With international projects and partnerships to create new opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities,
- To contribute to the personal development of young people, students and women,
- To contribute to development of society.
- To encourage entrepreneurship,
- To development of cooperation.
- To protect the cultural richness.
- To make our target groups aware of intercultural learning opportunities


Cultural and art materials
Chess, theatre, music, painting, dance, hand made materials and foreign language.


Workshop, course, exhibition, material design, show, play, meeting, job shadowing and study visit.
This organisation is open to/works with young people with fewer opportunities: People who have social, economic and educational dificulties and cultural diffirences are our preferential target groups in all activities.

A SnapShot From a Volunteer's Hand

''A snap shot from a volunteer's hand project'' is basically an art and culture project with the activities such as volunteers' taking professional documentary photograph lessons and implementing the gained skills in the area and taking handicraft courses. Furthermore, in the project volunteers will have the chance to come together with Turkish youngsters having fewer opportunities. During these meetings our volunteers will share their own experiences about EVS and also the youngsters will have the opportunity to see the European Union opportunities from our volunteers point of view. Therefore, it is hoped to link between countries and contribute to cultural diversity and European awareness. The project will take place in Gaziantep, Turkey. Taşev Training, Culture and Youth Association (TASEV) will be the Host and Coordinator Organisation for the project. The duration of the activities is 5 months, from 1st July to 30th October 2011 .There will be two volunteers one of which is from Lithuania and the other is from Spain. In the project it is aimed to contribute to the interaction of cultures and collapsing the wall of prejudices as well. To be able to achieve this goal, there will be such activities as volunteers' taking photographs of some certain historical and cultural sites of Gaziantep and then publishing them in a web site and displaying in an exhibition. And the volunteers will come together with disadvantaged youngsters in Gaziantep to share their experiences and cultures and to try to understand one another. During the project it is aimed to make feel the volunteers that they will learn by doing and we will encourage them to do by themselves. By using non-formal education methodologies such as brain stormings, discussion groups, city huntings we will try to show them how to improve themselves and by doing so to produce effective and unforgettable outcomes in the end of the project.